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Purpose Live Institute

Together we bring your purpose to life
What is

Purpose Live Institute

Purpose Live Institute is a 10-session, interactive training experience meeting monthly. It combines personal study, small group interaction, triads, assessments, individual mentoring, and exposure to thought leaders and influencers.

 The 80-hour journey results in new insights and revelations, creation of a life-plan and the actions steps required for it to be accomplished and culminates with certification at a capstone event.


Hour Journey

We join you in asking three of life’s biggest questions and guide you through the process that reveals your in-depth understanding of the insights at which you arrive.

Together we ask:

Together we discover:

Session One – Introduction and Orientation

Understanding Purpose, Vision, Passion, Mission and Vocation.

Complete self-discovery questionnaire #1.

Write your ‘Why’ in 50 words or less.

Session Two – Understanding Your Unique Nature

How to manage and benefit from the strengths and weakness we all possess.

Take the Enneagram Assessment and share the results with your triad.

Participate in debrief event with Enneagram expert.

Session Three – Integration: Where Do I Fit in Humanity?

How to leverage your uniqueness into fulfilling a common purpose for humanity.

Read “The Power of an Ordinary Life,” by Harvey Hook.

Complete self-discovery questionnaire #2 and debrief with your mentor.

Session Four – The Kingdom: What is the Ultimate to which We Aspire?

How to live fulfilled in relationship with God, ourselves, others, and the world.

Read “The Upside-Down Kingdom” by Donald Kraybill.

Draft a three-paragraph document on your guiding principles for a ‘life well lived,’ and share your insights with your triad and mentor

Session Five – Purpose & Identity: Who Am I?

Understanding identity as uniquely created, individuals in the sight of God and others.

Read the assigned bible passages and complete self-discovery questionnaire #3.

Draft a three-paragraph statement on who you are, that can never be taken from you.

Session Six – Purpose & Spiritual Gifts: How Have We been Equipped to Benefit Others?

How to utilize the gifts God gives to individuals that designed to fulfill His purposes.

Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment and debrief with your triad and mentor.

Draft a three-paragraph paper that show how your unique nature and your spiritual gifts can be used of God in fulfillment of your ‘Why’ as you understand it today.

Session Seven – Purpose, Calling & Vocation: Which Path do I Choose?

How to orient our hearts and minds to hear God’s unique words for each of us.

Re-read chapters 7, 8, and 9 of “The Power of an Ordinary Life.”

Answer self-discovery questionnaire #4 and debrief with your triad.

Session Eight – Discerning Your Purpose: Why Am I Here?

A definitive framework to guide students to a deeper understanding of their individual purpose and integrates it with the preceding materials.

Read “In Pursuit of Purpose” by Dr. Myles Munroe.

Answer Self-Discovery Questions #5 and draft three versions of your developing life purpose statement.

Session Nine – Confirming Your Purpose: This is Why I am Here.

Review your Spiritual Gifts assessment and “In Pursuit of Purpose.”

Review selected chapters of “In Pursuit of Purpose.”

Answer self-discovery questions #6, re-write your purpose statement, create 1, 3- and 5-year goals and debrief with your triad and your mentor.

Session Ten – Revealing Your Purpose: Purpose Live.

Present your life purpose at a Live Capstone Event.

In a 7-minute oral presentation, communicate your statement in 12 words or less, along with the supportive reasons why this is your ‘Why.’

Submit this in writing along with your written life goals to the course instructors.

Underscore all of the above with how your purpose will make the world a better place for you and others in practical and eternal terms.

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