Privacy Policy

With respect to protecting the privacy of donors, Purpose Live does not allow any practice, activity, decision or organizational circumstance which is either unlawful, imprudent or in violation of commonly accepted business and professional ethics and practices.


Further, written policies are in place and procedures are followed to safeguard donor information. This includes but is not limited to the following practices:


  1. All donor information is treated as confidential and is for internal agency use only.
  2. Access to donor files is limited to authorized personnel.
  3. Donor records are stored electronically in a secured, password protected database.
  4. We do not disclose donor information to outside parties.
  5. We do not buy, rent, sell or exchange donor lists with other organizations.
  6. Donors have the opportunity to have their information corrected, updated or removed upon request by contacting our organization at 614-902-2241 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Treatment of Donors Policy

With respect to interactions with donors, the Co-Founder or Board of Directors shall not cause or allow any activity, decision, organizational condition or practice that is unethical, unlawful or unprofessional.


Further, without limiting the scope of the forgoing by this enumeration, he or she shall not:


  1. Operate without written ethical principles and standards which:
      a. ensure the intent of the donor is honestly fulfilled,
      b. protect the privacy of donor information and
      c. preserve the ideal of philanthropy and the rights of the donor.


  2. Fail to practice organizational accountability and transparency to safeguard donor and public trust.
  3. Fail to acquaint donors with the Executive Director’s interpretation of their protections under this policy.